Distinction between Miami Dade Child Support and Custody Enforcement

There are many circumstances that a judge and other officials use shame for the individuals who owe child support. A judge may say somet...

There are many circumstances that a judge and other officials use shame for the individuals who owe child support. A judge may say something like “there is a man that is ordered not to bring any more children into this world” and that the man must tell anyone he meets that he owes child support. These fathers are then forced to display signs proclaiming them to be deadbeat dads.
However many of these fathers that are forced to pay child support Miami, are defying these court orders giving the other parent access and participation in the children’s lives.
Some individuals may argue that the evidence about the financial responsibility or caring for a child is held in higher standing that the emotional connection between a child to a parent.
Below explains the reasoning behind this.
Child Support Enforcement
After a few months of being unable to pay for child support Miami payments, what happens to the father? Child support enforcement is a process that can be handled privately by hiring a private counsel, or by using a local child support enforcement office.
If the individual who is obligated to pay child support does not comply, such as failure to pay child support for three months consecutively, the enforcement office has the possibility to enforce the order for child support without persuading the other party.
The parent that has been the offending individual may get attention that their passport is being expropriated, their driver’s license is being suspended, a lien is being placed on their property, their automobile is being repossessed or their federal tax return will be deflected.
Although obtaining jail time is rare, it is still a real and unsettling possibility for many fathers.
When handling custodial interference, there are fewer options for enforcement.
Custodial Interference Enforcement Opportunities
Consider the situation when the ex-spouse neglects the court ordered parenting time that is expected and withholds the parent from the visitation rights that has been ordered.
Imagine as a father going to pick your children up for father’s day and the ex-spouse does not let the children leave the house. Instead of the father taking them she takes the children to go visit their grandfather.
The first reaction is to advise the police on what is happening. However, law enforcement does not assist in enforcing visitation. Instead of requesting assistance from a local authority or waiting for assistance from an agency, it is treated as a civil matter.
Thus, when dealing with this situation is crucial to choose between either a family law attorneys or go through the procedure on their own.


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